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The Student is focused on planting seeds to inspire and equip individuals to grow in Christ by becoming devoted STUDENTS of God's Word. We are dedicated to providing Christ-centered study materials that are engaging, accessible, and thought-provoking for all ages. Our goal is to emphasize that spiritual growth is not only an attainable expectation but also a joyful journey filled with deeper understanding and meaningful connection with God and His Truth. Through our resources and support, we empower individuals to cultivate a life of faith and devotion to God, flourishing in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. 


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About Our Founder


Jasmine Rosemon is a Mississippi Delta Native who currently resides in the Jackson Metropolitan area of Mississippi. She is a highly skilled Educational Curriculum Specialist who specializes in mathematics and growing novice teachers and teacher leaders. Jasmine has a passion for helping others learn new things to unlock their full potential. She believes that teaching is her God-given gift and calling and has dedicated her life to sharing her knowledge and insights with others. 

In addition to her work as an educator, Jasmine is committed to serving her community as a committed Kingdom disciple. She has served as the teenage Sunday School and Vacation Bible School teacher for church youth ministries, and as the CEO of the Sisters of Faith Non-Profit Organization, she leads weekly Grow Group sessions, helping women of all ages and backgrounds to develop their faith and their understanding of God's Word. 


Jasmine is married to her college sweetheart, TreMarcus Rosemon, and they have one beautiful daughter, Kennedi Rosemon. Jasmine is a relational person who values close families and friendships. She enjoys spending quality time with loved ones, traveling, exercising, and attending sporting events. With her unwavering commitment to education, faith, and growth, Jasmine Rosemon is a powerful force for good in her community and beyond. 

"Your biblical teachings in grow group have been amazing these last three years . Each topic that you have chosen has been beneficial to me in some sort of way. For example, when we learned about disciple ship . Learning how to be disciples in our everyday life is important . I want to make sure I am walking in my purpose and living a life that is pleasing to God and I feel that lesson taught me just that."
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